Toro® Pro Sweep™
Faster than traditional methods of collecting traditional aeration cores and other organic debris. Brush height adjustment accommodates a variety of turf conditions.

  • Hydraulic-powered rotary brush
  • Capacity: 25 cu. ft
  • Tire Size: Two 26.5 x 14-12 tires
  • Weight: 1,512 lbs.

Toro® Take-O-Vac® Engine Drive
Leaves, clippings, litter, pine needles don't stand a chance with Rake-O-Vac®. The Toro® Rake-O-Vac® provides the only combination of precision pickup and powerful vacuum in one sweeper. A premier performer for premier results in wet or dry conditions.

  • 23hp (17.1kW) Kohler® Gas Engine
  • Capacity: 4.75 cu. ft
  • Tire Size: Two high flotation I-1 rib tread tires
  • Weight: 2,980 lbs.

Toro® Versa-Vac™
The Toro Versa-Vac™ tackles debris management challenges and meets your collection needs. The large capacity hopper makes even the biggest clean-up job simple. For operator ease, the deck and trailer operate hydraulically from convenient seat controls. Use the proven rubber finger deck for effective sweeping, then switch to the combination deck and start verticutting for overseeding, core pulverization, or de-thatching.

Billy Goat KV601 / TKV650SPH
Powerful suction and easy operation make clean up a snap for leaves, seeds, mulch, blooms, branches, litter and debris. Ideal for multi-surface residential and light commercial use, Billy Goat’s versatile 69cm / 27" wide lawn and litter vacuum has variable height adjustment for hard surface or turf work.

The 69cm / 27" TKV Series lawn and litter vacuum offers all the great features of the KV Series but has an integral on-board 5,1cm / 2" chipper. Now you can add branches to all your leaf, seed, blooms, mulch, litter and debris clean up jobs. The TKV self propelled Honda powered vacuum takes the chore and fatigue out of hilly turf clean up.

Little Wonder Pro Vac SI - 5511-04-01 / 5612-12-01
Serrated Steel Impeller Blade Technology with up to a 5:1 reduction ratio delivers superior suction and shredding capabilities in a compact footprint.

Keep your pace going with instant easy nozzle height adjustment from the operator’s position. You’ll get non-stop, efficient pavement-to-turf transition for faster parking lot and leaf cleanup.

The Pro Vac SI delivers the suction power to clear litter and debris faster. Throated nozzle design increases airspeed for improved vacuum capability. Unique rectangular discharge chute prevents debris clogs. The optimized 40 gallon no-kick bag design prevents wear and tear. Optional Hose Kit for cleaning flower beds and hard to reach areas. Hose seats securely in special contoured pocket that blocks air flow when not in use.