Harper TV35, TV40, TV60
Clean and quiet, the redesigned TV35 promotes time-saving and economical features without disturbing those nearby. The machine verti-cuts, sweeps, and vacuums soiled areas. Effective on all surface types, the self-propelled TV35 is the most maneuverable turf vacuum on the market.

Powerful pick up performance from the cleanest and most cost-effective vacuum on the market, the TV40 is the popular choice to clear leaves and debris. This tow-behind vacuum is ideal for artificial turf, including those with granular rubber pellets.

Designed for large area debris removal, the TV60 is the perfect solution for picking up grass, leaves, trash and thatch. The unique Recirculating Air System minimizes dust for a clean sweeping environment. The 7 large hopper and wireless remote means less time emptying without ever leaving the driver’s seat. The wide sweeper head follows terrain to maintain a continuous and even coverage across the entire 60 inch width.

Little Wonder 8143-03-01 Skid Mount
Compact TruckLoader Brings Big Productivity to Smaller Trucks. This compact truckloader that takes a big bite out of labor costs! Lightweight, manageable stature is ideal for single-person debris collection. Industry-leading debris reduction ratio of up to 15:1. Backed by a 2-year warranty


  • Monstrous power: 2803 cfm; 14hp Subaru® EX40 Engine
  • 5/16” thick 16” diameter steel teethed impeller
  • Replaceable housing and chute liners
  • 8" x 10' Intake Hose
  • 360-degree tool-free discharge chute adjustment
  • Polymer discharge chute (7" x 30")

Little Wonder 8295-04-01 Tow Behind
Over 4700 CFM of Monstrous Shredding Power. The power to attack mountains of leaves and debris and shred it down to size.– up to 15:1. Comes mounted to road-ready trailer with flexible discharge hose to easily line up to your box for hitch and go convenience. Also available in skid mount. Backed by a 2-year warranty.

  • Monstrous power: 4710 cfm; 29hp Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ Engine
  • Four 3/8" wide teethed steel blades for reduction ratios up to 15:1
  • Square stack for superior airflow; virtually eliminates clogging that round stacks allow
  • 20" diameter impeller
  • 1/4" steel housing liners
  • Flex-Tube Discharge Chute (8" x 5')
  • Flexible 12" x 10' urethane intake hose increases volume with comfort grip handle

Billy Goat DL1402VE Skid or Tailgate Mount
These units are ideal for mid to large property managers, contractors and mid-sized municipal applications. These heavy-duty units offer an all-new discharge chute for rugged wear and long life productivity. They feature a dual shredding 16" diameter armor plate impeller with Piranha™ blade that reduces debris up to 12:1 and maximizes trailer loading across multiple properties before dumping, saving you time and dump fees. This unit has CustomFit™ features that allow you to customize the loader to your truck

Billy Goat DL3701VE Skid Mount
When commercial productivity counts, these units are our most popular contractor and municipal machines. The all-new discharge chute offers rugged wear and increased life productivity. They respectively feature a 29 HP V-Twin or 37 HP Vanguard EFI engine coupled to our largest 20", 4 or 6-blade, armour-plated impeller with 12 or 18 cutting points and dual shredding Piranha™ technology for up to 12:1 reduction and 4,400 or 5,050 cfm of suction power. The DL3702V's 37 gross HP Vanguard EFI engine delivers easier starting and fuel savings of up to 25% over carbureted equivalents.

SCAG Giant Vac TLS20-18BV
Tough jobs demand tough products and Giant-Vac skid mount truck loaders are ready to meet the challenge. Utilizing all-welded steel construction along with commercial grade quality throughout the entire line helps us maintain our time-proven reputation for rugged, durable and dependable products that are built to last and perform.

The TLS Skid Mount Truck Loader is packed with usable features the debris management professional needs. The TLS skid mount is versatile and fits into a wide variety of unique applications. It features removable skid mounts that can be utilized in the mounting process or removed. Operators also have the option of mounting their truck loader on the optional swing-away, Hitch-Mount Accessory. Flexibility.

The TLS Loader from Scag Giant-Vac is made to adapt to your particular debris collection application.

SCAG Giant Vac TLB25-35BV
Scag Giant-Vac Industrial Tow Behind Truck Loaders are built for major debris handling jobs. Municipalities and large landscape companies will appreciate the incredible performance, quality and value these loaders deliver. They feature 25" diameter, all steel, balanced, debris reducing impellers, 16" intake hoses, and engines up to 48hp.

Fully serviceable and ready for the road, the trailers are fully lighted and DOT ready with adjustable tongue lengths (tongue length not adjustable on TLB25-48KBD), hitch heights and come standard with either a 2-5/16" ball hitch or pintle hitch. Other hitches can be installed to match your needs.